GLF Climate 2022: Frontiers of Change


Bernard Crabbe

European Commission, International Partnerships (INTPA)

Head of the environment mainstreaming & circular economy sector, Directorate General


At the European Commission, Directorate General for International Partnerships, Bernard Crabbé heads the environment mainstreaming & circular economy sector (INTPA). Bernard, an agricultural engineer with a specialty in tropical agronomy and environment, has worked mostly in emerging economies. He oversaw UN rural development projects in Timbuktu, Xaignabouli, and Ambato Boeni. He advised the Belgian Secretary of State for Development Cooperation on environment and sustainable development in Brussels (Belgium). In 2008, he joined the European Commission after serving as development cooperation attaché in the Belgian embassies in Quito and Dakar. He oversaw Kampala's EU Delegation's rural development and environment section (Uganda). He has led the forest sector (2021–2015) and the environment mainstreaming & circular economy sector since September 2015 at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

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