GLF Nairobi 2023


Jamila Gamashana

Kangalika Women Self-Help Group

Grassroots Leader


Jamila, a phenomenal grassroots leader from Tana River County, is in the front of transformative change. As the leader of the Kangalika Women self-help group, she led the restoration of 50 acres of land, revitalizing the community. Jamila's group has successfully grown a variety of crops, including green grams, maize, chili, and tomatoes, thanks to their perseverance. Their tremendous success extends beyond the fields, as they have profitably sold their produce through local markets and digital platforms. Jamila's unwavering commitment and pioneering spirit demonstrate the power of grassroots efforts. She is dedicated to expanding women's roles in sustainable land management and is excited to emphasize the critical link between land reclamation, agricultural prosperity, and gender empowerment in this event.

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