GLF Nairobi 2023


Wangui Kimani

Poet and Writer


Wangui Kimani is a poet and writer based in Nairobi ,Kenya. Her genre being floetry,an infusion of poetry,music,fashion and her presence. Wanguis' poetry explores themes of (and not tied to)identity, memory, mental health awareness, women empowerment, peace awareness and social change. Often drawing on her own experiences as a young woman. Her work has been described as both lyrical and raw, with a keen eye for detail and a distinctive voice. In 2019,Wangui was awarded as a finalist poet in a Kenyan Tv show "Talanta mtaani" The judges praised her performance as"unflinching honesty","Emotional" and "beautifully crafted language" , and noted that it marked Wangui as a major new voice in contemporary poetry.

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