GLF Nairobi 2023

Film Festival Q&A: Paved Paradise

Sep 15, 2023 | 12:00 - 12:30

Speakers: Paved Paradise director Karsten de Vreugd, and writer Hidde Boersma. 
Moderator: Eirini Sakellari, scientist and environmentalist – Youth Program coordinator, Global Landscapes Forum 

Meet Karsten and Hidde and discover the 'behind the scenes' of Paved Paradise. Learn more about its protagonists, the intricacies of structuring the story to leverage its impact and the creative process.

“Films are a way to push for systemic change. We talk with the people who, we think, know best what we should do to save our biodiversity. But it will challenge you to rethink your romantic views on agriculture, your perception of the Earth healing itself, and humanity–which is not a virus but a solution. That is what this film is about; not the problem, but the solution” – Karsten de Vreugd

Watch Paved Paradise here.

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