GLF Nairobi 2023

 UTC+3 (Nairobi, Kenya)

Solange Bandiaky-Badji’s vision for Earth

Oct 12, 2023 | 13:35 - 13:40


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Delve into the inspiring vision for Earth with Dr. Solange Bandiaky-Badji, coordinator and president of the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), a global coalition advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and Afro-descendant Peoples. Driven by her dedication, Dr. Bandiaky-Badji spearheads initiatives addressing tenure rights reform and gender justice, shaping a strategic understanding of issues in Africa. With a strong academic background and experience in environmental sciences, philosophy, and gender studies, she brings a unique perspective to the global discourse on natural resource management, climate solutions, and peacebuilding. Join us as we explore her impactful journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.