GLF Nairobi 2023

Film screening: Paved Paradise

Oct 11, 2023 - Oct 12, 2023

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Director: Karsten de Vreugd
Year: 2023
Country: The Netherlands
Duration: 92 min
Language: Dutch, English and Spanish, with subtitles in English

What if everything you thought you knew about sustainable agriculture turned out to be wrong? How can extensive agriculture have such a positive image in terms of sustainability, and why does the idea of land-sparing never leave academia? To find these much-needed answers, filmmaker Karsten de Vreugd and biologist Hidde Boersma go on a worldwide quest to find out what the most sustainable food production looks like and what radical choices the world will have to make to provide everybody on this planet with a healthy and sufficient diet and a prospering environment.

The two friends meet scientists and other experts, including environmental activist George Monbiot, professor Andrew Balmford, Costa Rica's former minister of energy and environment Alvaro Umaña Quesada, the parents of Hidde, and many others. They learn that we need a new strategy to reconcile food production and biodiversity.
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