GLF Climate 2022: Frontiers of Change

Global Youth Position Statement on Nature-based Solutions


“Nature-based Solutions” (NbS) has become an increasingly popular concept over the last few years. It hasbeen positioned as one potential strategy with tremendous potential to address the interrelated issues of the climate crisis, ecosystem degradation and extinction, inequality, and injustice. At the same time, it is generating risks of perpetuating neo-colonial policies, jeopardizing Indigenous, local communities, and human rights, while acting as a vehicle to delay decarbonization and needed systemic changes. Missing in all of this is a united youth voice, across both the climate and biodiversity communities that clearly outlines how the global youth community understands NbS and what is acceptable and not acceptable both in policy and on the ground. This statement represents the first-ever, globally representative and collectively crafted position from young people on “Nature-based Solutions”. We are addressing decision-makers and key stakeholders, to present our own views, priorities, and demands from the NbS conversation which, until now, has excluded us from the narrative. The content of this statement reflects the consultation efforts by the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, YOUNGO, and Youth4Nature, and is backed by the knowledge and perspectives of more than 1,000 youth from 118 countries that have participated in our online survey, which was conducted in Spanish, French, and English.

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