GLF Climate 2021


Charity Lanoi

Drylands Restoration Steward


Charity Lanoi Meitekini, from the Maasai community from Kuku Group Ranch, in the southern part of Kenya, is passionate about promoting and empowering the Maasai indigenous communities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management. She is currently working with Maasai wilderness conservation trust as team leader in the livelihoods department, basically empowering the Maasai women of Kuku group ranch economically through conservation-oriented projects. And taking a lead in fighting for the rights of the young Maasai women in my community. Charity wishes to change the attitude of her community towards conserving and restoring our dry lands for the current and future generations, by bringing the youth and women to take a lead in restoration. During her free time, I enjoy performing community work, socializing, and traveling.

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