GLF Climate 2021


Gisele Bündchen

UN Environment Programme Global Goodwill Ambassador

Author, Philanthropist, Supermodel


Gisele Bündchen is a global environmentalist, best-selling author, philanthropist and supermodel. She is known for her long-standing and passionate commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. With a uniquely global reach, Bündchen uses her influence to bring attention to our planet and how society can collectively work to protect it. She is often noted among the world’s most generous celebrities. Bündchen’s professionalism, contagious energy and radiant spirit allows her to remain a consistent and unstoppable force in an ever-changing industry. “The environment has always been my passion. Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can assist in preserving the planet. The damage we are doing to the environment affects us all. It is a global issue that needs to be met with global action.” – Gisele Bündchen

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