GLF Climate 2021


Precious Phiri

Regeneration International

Africa Coordinator


Precious Phiri is a Zimbabwean Facilitator and Accredited Professional in Holistic Management. She is also a Steering Committee member and African Coordinator for Regeneration International. Her work involves, using the Holistic decision-making framework for, community organizing, and working with rural communities to learn to get her and reverse poverty and ecological degradation, bringing communal work to global platforms, and networking. She has, over the years, committed to working with different partners in Africa and beyond to keep creating opportunities for communities to change the trajectory of their lives both now and in the future. She continues to learn and grow in many ways in which to get action with communities. Precious has experience working with agro-pastoral and pastoralist communities implementing Holistic Management tools for rangeland and crop field regeneration, and she continues to engage in the broader regenerative agriculture movement as a trainer. See more at iGugu Trust

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