GLF Climate 2021


Simran Sethi

Journalist, Academic and Consultant


Simran Sethi is a multimedia journalist, academic and consultant who’s endlessly curious about science, sustainability, food, and the people and places that nourish us. Named one of the “50 Most Influential Global Indians” by Vogue India and the “environmental messenger” by Vanity Fair, Simran has written for outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Guernica and The Guardian. She was designated one of the top eight women saving the planet by Marie Claire, and is the author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love—named one of the best food books of 2016 by Smithsonian—about the story of changes in food and agriculture told through bread, wine, chocolate, coffee and beer. She is the contributing author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, winner of a 2008 Axiom Award for Best Business Ethics Book. Simran is one of the rotating hosts of NPR’s service journalism podcast Life Kit and the creator of The Slow Melt, the first podcast on the cultural and environmental stories behind chocolate and the winner of the 2017 SAVEUR award for Best Food Podcast. She is a former contributor to the National Public Radio Program Good Food and was one of the first inductees into Heritage Radio Network’s Hall of Fame.

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