GLF Climate 2021

Project to Process: Pitfalls and Potential of Implementing Long-term Integrated Landscape Approaches

Nov 6, 2021 | 4:00 PM GMT - 5:30 PM GMT

Hybrid: Bute Hall


This session will highlight experiences in Integrated Landscapes Approaches (ILA) implementation and reflect on the challenges related to facilitating long-term and more meaningful landscape-scale initiatives that are adaptable, flexible and ultimately more effective. Moving from “project” to “process” has been mooted as the means of ensuring more effective and more equitable means of engagement at the landscape-scale to reflect the temporal complexity of such initiatives. During this session we will draw on recent CIFOR-ICRAF and partner’s experience to highlight some of the challenges associated with integrated landscape approaches, as well as showcasing the tools and techniques that can be applied to overcome such challenges In particular, we will highlight the need for integrated approaches to more explicitly address issues related to power, gender, equity and conflict and emphasize the need for such approaches to recognize the value of process indicators over outcome objectives.

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