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¨For me as a 'long-term ecologist', rewilding is a progressive approach to restore natural processes and re-establish functional ecosystems. By focusing on the natural processes that have generated and maintained biodiversity through time, we can find ways to restore heterogenous landscapes that will be more effective at mitigating climate change.¨ Erik de Boer, Peleoecologist, Member of the Rewilding CoP
We are a global rewilding movement that strives to accelerate change through connecting people, knowledge and ideas on ecological restoration, regeneration and social and environmental justice.
With the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, rewilding is gaining momentum as it offers answers to many environmental and social challenges such as climate change. We want to create a space where people with various backgrounds can connect and exchange thoughts, knowledge and ideas about rewilding and accelerate the regenerative powers of rewilding.

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