GLF Climate 2021



Hey there! Welcome to the GLFx Booth! GLFx is a global community that connects, shares, learns and acts towards sustainable landscapes. GLFx is composed of networks of local change agents that convene place-based dialogues and activate landscape actors to drive restoration actions and groups of practitioners that share knowledge and best practices to ultimately scale sustainable landscape actions. We have a thriving community of Chapters and Communities of Practice from over 122 countries worldwide! Why are we important? Well, we bring together thousands of people across the globe, who are passionate about landscape restoration into one virtual space. This space is ripe with global learning, sharing, engaging, and acting on all things landscapes. 🌱 Curious about GLFx, send us a message through our booth and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Learn more about us here 👉: But first, join the fun by becoming a GLFx member today 👉: Did we mention we're also launching our first seed-grant supported Chapters from the African Sahel at #GLFClimate? Check out their cool work below 👇.

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