GLF Climate 2021

The Wood Solution


The Wood Solution is as a leading investible strategy to simultaneously improve climate, scale forest and landscape restoration, develop rural economies, promote equity and inclusion, and provide healthy, affordable, climate-positive housing in rapidly growing cities. We have all seen the possible benefits of forest management for communities and protection of forests, as well as the potential for wood to be a sustainable and climate-positive building material—but we need a system that explicitly links the two and supports, enables, and ensures all the positive (rather than negative) outcomes. By applying the integrated forest-industry-market approach to the tropical context, we can unlock enormous hidden value for wood products and co-products while ensuring transparency, change the paradigm of tropical forestry from degrading to restorative, and enhance local control, entrepreneurship, and rural opportunities. We propose that the urgent need for housing be met by modern, engineered wood buildings and that this new demand for wood be leveraged to drive the development of a new tropical timber industry and large-scale restorative management of degraded tropical forests. Rosa Goodman and Kofi Debrah are at GLF in Glasgow. Reach out if you would like to meet.

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