GLF Climate 2021

Conference Etiquette

To make your conference experience inclusive, meaningful, and positive, we kindly ask you to take a brief look at our etiquette before browsing the conference platform and adding sessions to your calendar. Attendants and speakers should endeavor to conduct themselves with the following guidelines in mind 
  1. Ensure that communication within the conference platform is conducted with respect for, and awareness of all differences, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, religion and culture.
  2.  Ensure that communication within the conference platform is conducted in a respectful manner, with particular consideration to avoid marginalization or exclusion. 
  3. Please be reminded that participation in communication within the conference platform is voluntary. 
  4. Please be patient with speakers and GLF staff, as ensuring a valuable conference for attendees will affect their ability to respond to all requests and messages. 
  5.  Sending 'mass-messaging' is not tolerated. Spammers who look for ‘likes’ doing mass-broadcasting risk being banned from the conference. This includes tagging people you do not know in photos. 
  6. Any gross ethical misconduct on the conference platform will lead to a ban. 
  7. In this case, ticket fees will not be refunded. In case you experience any inappropriate behavior or abuse of the platform, immediately email with the subject line “Abuse”. 
  8. For any technical issues, we have a FAQ page available on the conference platform. Happy connecting, sharing, learning and acting!