GLF Climate 2021


Daze Aghaji

Earthrise Studio

Climate Justice Activist and Creative Director


Daze Aghaji is a 21-year-old climate justice activist from London who centres regenerative cultures, intersectionality, radical social justice and youth political engagement in her work. In 2019, she was the youngest candidate to stand in the European Parliamentary election. Described by The Guardian as “a ball of energy, conviction and warmth”, Daze's advocacy for racial systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities, NGOs and grassroots change makers globally. She has strong ties with the climate movement Extinction Rebellion since its early days. She is currently a Creative Director at Earthrise Studio, an environmentally focused media company, as well as a consultant for a variety of NGOs, an artist in residence at Phytology, the Bethnal Green Nature reserve, and a monthly contributor to Sky TV’s climate show “The only way we can avoid environmental collapse is by addressing all planetary boundaries. The only way we can do this is going back to our roots and falling back in love with our land.” – Daze Aghaji