GLF Amazonia 2021


Mark J. Plotkin


Dr. Mark J. Plotkin is president and board member of Amazon Conservation Team (ACT). He has led ACT and guided its vision since 1996, when he co-founded the organization with his fellow conservationist, Liliana Madrigal. Dr. Plotkin has previously served as research associate in ethnobotanical conservation at the Botanical Museum of Harvard University; director of plant conservation at the World Wildlife Fund; vice president of Conservation International; and research associate at the Department of Botany of the Smithsonian Institution. Among his many influential writings, Dr. Plotkin may be best known for his popular work “Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice” (1994), which has been printed continuously and has been published in multiple languages. Time magazine called him an “Environmental Hero for the Planet” (2001) and Smithsonian magazine hailed him as one of “35 Who Made a Difference” (2005), along with Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and fellow New Orleanian Wynton Marsalis.

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