GLF Amazonia 2021


lnshiridos del Amazonas

Amazonian band and 3rd winner of the GLF Amazonia Storytelling Competition


"lnshiridos del Amazonas" is a group of Amazonian popular music. It was formed in the city of Leticia in early 2020 on the initiative of: Luis Carlos Ramos (lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Darwin Erazo (drums), Rubén Sierra (lead vocals, minor percussion) and Daniel García (trombone). With this formation and the later participation of Juan Marín (electric bass), a new musical project is consolidated and the recording of the first single called "Covid" takes place at "Studios Vega" in the Amazonian capital. In mid-June 2020, as part of a research of musicultural character developed by one of its members, the band is invited to perform covers of regional music at the EAN University in Bogota. With the participation of: Yordi Sarmiento (percussion), Carolina Manchola (violin, viola, ukulele) and Andrés Marín (acoustic guitar) the activity is timely carried out.

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