GLF Amazonia 2021


Leonardo Letelier

SITAWI Finance for Good

Founder and CEO


Leonardo Letelier is the founder and CEO of SITAWI-Finance for Good, a nonprofit organization that develops financial solutions for the social sector in Brazil by pioneering social loans and donor advised funds. It is currently developing a product to support nonprofit mergers. Leonardo founded SITAWI in order to reduce economic inequities in Brazil by increasing the capital available to for- and non-profit social enterprises, and also by improving their capacity to manage their own financial resources. SITAWI develops financial solutions for the social sector by aiming to multiply the capital available to Brazilian social organizations and by supporting their expansion and improving projects. Since 2007, SITAWI has impacted the lives of nearly 20,000 people by supporting organizations that are focused on income generation, healthcare, education and other sectors. Leonardo was born in Chile and lived most of his life in Brazil. He has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of São Paulo and received his masters of business administration from Harvard Business School.

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