GLF Amazonia 2021


Analí Bustos

Reserva Natural Monte Alegre & University of Buenos Aires



Analí was born in 1991, in the South of the province of Córdoba (Argentina), an area with enormous agricultural production, and has seen first-hand how the advance of this activity has devastated various ecosystems. Analí is the Forest GLF Restoration Steward for 2021. Her early passion for nature led her to study Biological Sciences, where she worked in the forests of Espinal (a highly degraded South American ecoregion) to determine techniques for the control of invasive exotic tree species. Later, she did a Masters in Ecology and Conservation in Brazil, where she worked on pollination interactions in the Atlantic Forest. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Buenos Aires, working on habitat restoration for pollinators in agricultural environments. As part of her academic training, she is involved in a project called "Monte Alegre '', focused on the restoration, dissemination and revaluation of a native forest patch in Espinal in the province of Córdoba. She is also a member of the Argentine Network of Ecological Restoration (REA) and the Argentine Network of Private Natural Reserves (RARNAP). She believes that restoration is key to mitigating the effect of human activities over the last 200 years, and in her work Analí addresses several aspects that are included within this fascinating discipline.

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