GLF Amazonia 2021


Daniel Larrea

Conservación Amazonica (ACEAA), Bolivia

Sustainable Development Program Coordinator


Daniel is the Program Coordinator for Sustainable Development with Conservación Amazonica-ACEAA, in Bolivia. His primary interests include the function, history and responses of flora and vegetation to human disturbances, which requires diverse types of biogeographical, ecological and management tools for biodiversity conservation. Previously, Daniel worked for the National Comptroller General (Contraloría General de la República), from 1999-2001, and the Amigos de la Naturaleza Foundation, from 2009-2014, and he has worked with Conservación Amazonica-ACEAA since 2015. He has been an environmental consultant for the Instituto de Ecología, ​Agua Sustentable, Sociedad Biodiversa, FUND-ECO and vice president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, among others. In 2013, Daniel received the “Martín Cardenas” Award for Botany, awarded by the National Science Academy of Bolivia.

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