GLF Amazonia 2021


Mauricio Velásquez


Principal Executive, Green Business Unit


Mauricio has over 13 years of experience as Principal executive of the Directorate of Sostenibility, Inclusion and Climate Change at CAF (Latin American Development Bank). He has been the head of the Strategic Program of Environmental and Social Management for financial institutions (PGASIF). Moreover, since 2015 Mauricio has been co-chair of the LATAM Task Force UNEPFI, and then, member of its Global Steering Committee and promoter of the Protocol of Sustainable Finances of the Banking of Ecuador. His career has a remarkable background in terms of sustainability and environment protection. He worked in the construction of the Galapagos National Park Management Plan 2004. He was Galapagos National Park's Coordinator of Research & Development Projects. Additionally, he was the Director of the Environment at the Municipality of Guayaquil for over four years and then, Sub-secretary of the Natural Capital Department at the Environment Ministry of Ecuador. He strongly believes on the necessity to create resilient and low carbon economies to improve the livelihood of the Latin American citizens. He holds a Master degree in Environmental and Forest Biology at SUNY (State University of New York).

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