GLF Amazonia 2021

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Direction and Production: Mari Corrêa  Coproduction: Instituto Catitu and Rede de Cooperação Amazônica (RCA) Support: Rainforest Foundation Norway Duration | Country of production | Year: 36 min | Brazil | 2018 Too hot! The spawning fish do not come at the right time and the pepper plants end up dying in this heat. "This is a very different weather that not even the spirits can understand." From their gardens, homes, and backyards, the indigenous women of the Amazon involve us in their vast universe of knowledge while they observe the impacts of climate change in their ways of life. Awards: Best International Short Film and First Rigoberta Menchú Award (Communities) /First Peoples Festival, Montreal, Canadá, 2019 Best Ethnographic Film - IX Festival Internacional do Filme Etnográfico do Recife, Brasil, 2019 Best Short Film at Amazonia Doc International Film Festival, 2020 Best Film Indigenous Categorie at the Festival Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces, México City, 2020