GLF Amazonia 2021

Where did the Swallows Go?

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Direction and Production: Mari Corrêa Coproduction: Catitu Institute and Instituto Socioambiental Duration | Country of production | Year: 22 min | Brazil | 2016 Screenplay: Paulo Junqueira and Katia Ono The climate is changing, the heat rising. The Xingu indigenous people observe the signs that are everywhere. Trees are not blossoming, the fire spreads and burns the forest, cicadas don’t sing announcing the rain anymore because the heat cooked their eggs. The fruits of the gardens are spoiling before growing. When looking at the devastating effects of these changes, they wonder what the future of their grandchildren will be like. Best short: Festival Ambiental das Ilhas Canárias, 2016 Award Refúgios e Mudanças: Festival ENTRETODOS de Direitos Humanos, 2016, São Paulo Best short: FestCine Amazônia, 2016 Honor award - BannabaFest - Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos de Panamá, 2017 Award best short DEFENSA DE LA VIDA, LA MADRE TIERRA Y EL TERRITORIO: 13º Festival Internacional de Cine y Comunicación de los Pueblos Indígenas - FICMAYAB – Guatemala, 2018 Best doc: JUMARA FESTIVAL DE CINE INDÍGENA DE PANAMÁ 2018 Gran Premio Festival Anaconda, Paraguai, 2018