GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference


Fritjof Boerstler

GEF-7 Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes, FAO

Global Coordinator


Dr. Fritjof Boerstler is the Senior National Resources Officer in FAO’s Forestry Division and Global Coordinator of the GEF-7 Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes (DSL-IP) as well as FAO’s contribution to the GEF-7 Impact Programme on Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR-IP). He was previously a Technical Advisor (Natural Resources) at the FAO GEF Coordination Unit for the Africa portfolio since 2013. His technical background includes integrated landscape management, bioenergy and ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. Fritjof has over 20 years’ experience in formulating and implementing integrated environmental and sustainable development projects and programs in Africa. He holds a Ph.D. (Renewable Bioenergy) and master’s degree in Economic geography, with focus on sustainable rural development.

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