GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference


Bariétou Agbere

Réseau National des Femmes Agricultrices du Togo/National Network of Women Farmers of Togo (RENAFAT)

Présidente du conseil d’administration/President of the board of directors


Bariétou Agbere is the founder and president of the National Network of Women in Agriculture of Togo (RENAFAT), where she promotes the creation of cooperatives to develop a value chain for different agricultural products. Through her commitment, she has brought about great positive change for rural women in Togo and has become a nationally recognized female leader in the agricultural community. She has also demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial skills by diversifying her business activities from agriculture. In this session, she will give input on local development and improvement of women's income by processing non-timber forest products in Togo with case studies of shea and honey.

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