GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference

#GLFLive | How would new narratives on Africa change the world?

Aug 30, 2022 | 4:00 PM EAT - 4:45 PM EAT

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Consider the immensity of the powers of Africa – of its energy sources, rising generations of youth, biodiversity and landscapes, birthplaces of cultures and religions and philosophies. And now, consider the common narratives on Africa – that it’s impoverished, in conflict, drought- and famine-stricken, a country. Why is it that the way Africa is portrayed in global media and discourse is so different from the realities of its 54 nations? Why is it that it’s more common to hear about what its peoples need and lack than what they have and can bring to the table? How would it affect the continent if these prevailing narratives changed to ones of abundance and strength, and how would this serve as a transfer of power that could accordingly change the world? The stories we tell and the lenses through which we look are fundamental for shaping the state of things, which is why this GLF Live is taking a moment to cast a critical and educated eye in this direction. On 30 August at 13:00 GMT, African media and business icon Moky Makura will join in discussion with award-winning Associated Press journalist Wanjohi Kabukuru to discuss where narratives on Africa stand, how they got here and where they need to go.
Moderator: Anita Moragia