GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference

TMG-Think Tank for Sustainability


TMG Research gGmbH is an international not-for-profit think tank headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with an African regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. Working in close collaboration with diverse research and implementation partners, we co-design research projects that explore practical solutions for sustainability and governance challenges in the agrifood, climate, urban development, and natural resource management sectors. An important characteristic of our research and partnership approach is that we seek to contribute to the broader enabling environment that enables identified solutions to take hold and achieve scale. Through such iterative social innovations from the ground up, we contribute to local agency and engagement in reforming governance processes at sub-national and higher levels. TMG contributes to diverse networks, including, Think Sustainable Europe, the Global Landscapes Forum, the Partnership for Regional Ocean Governance, and the SDG Land Momentum Group.

Our Sessions