GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference

GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference: How to build an equitable, resilient food future
Free for residents of countries in Africa

Brought together over 8,500 participants from 122 countries and featured 184 leading scientists, activists, Indigenous leaders, financiers, youth and government leaders, and 76 incredible partners. Across 31 plenaries, partner-led sessions, launches, virtual tours, dialogues, performances, and a job fair, the digital conference explored ways to transform the future of food through healthy landscapes, equitable access to land, and shorter, greener value chains. Messages spread on social media rallied 26 million people around concrete ways for Africa to regain its food sovereignty.

Meet the Speakers at the GLF Africa Digital Conference

Global leaders, changemakers, scientists, experts, artists and more!

Thematic Areas

Sustainable finance: from markets to value chains

Young entrepreneurs are making waves in regenerative agriculture. How can we work with them to build greener value chains for major commodities such as cocoa, coffee and corn?

Resilient, regenerative landscapes: from restoration to agroecology

As Africa’s hunger crisis deepens, how can farmers and local communities restore the continent’s fertile landscapes to feed its people more sustainably?

Landscape rights: from inclusive tenure to policy change

Local people need access to natural resources to sustainably manage their land. What will it take to ensure equitable land rights for all?


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What people are saying

Promises don’t put trees and grass in the ground. Promises don’t build ecosystems. Action does. To act with speed and purpose, we need to get the finance flowing.
Inger Andersen, Under-Secretary General, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Ecosystem restoration is never for its own sake. It is for the sake of everyone.
Mordecai Ogada, Executive Director, Conservation Solutions Afrika
We need to ensure that we put our leaders accountable for the actions that we youth do and ensure that there is as much environmental justice as possible.
Fatou Jeng, Founder, Clean Earth Gambia


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