GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature: What comes next?​


Sundar Bharadwaj




"Sundar is a Business Leader with 28 years of global experience. Working at multinationals such as Vodafone Group, Accenture, and Infosys, he has transformed technology-oriented companies into multi-million-dollar businesses, led customer operations units of over 6,000 people and managed complex commercial transactions, all while contributing to important causes related to mental health, youth development, food banks and river cleaning. He is passionate about creating a blueprint for a nature-based regenerative business that will challenge the conventional belief that focusing on the planet and people could compromise shareholder returns. He believes that merely sustaining the planet's status quo or avoiding damage will no longer suffice; we must safeguard our planet for the future. As CEO of TERRAGRN, a community-centric nature-based solutions business with projects in Africa, Sundar focuses on aligning the regenerative business model with passionate and future-thinking business partnerships. He leads on fundraising whilst overseeing TERRAGRN's growing and diverse team. Ultimately, he ensures that the company's nature-based solutions deliver their positive impacts including mitigating climate change and providing food security, employment, social and economic progress, and a pathway for energy transition away from use of fossil fuels. "

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