GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature: What comes next?​


Claudio Petucco

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

R&T Associate


Claudio Petucco is an R&T Associate at the Environmental Research and Innovation Department (ERIN) of Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Claudio has a background in Sustainable Natural Resources Management and Economics and holds a PhD in Forest Economics. His research has been focusing on the integration of economic and ecological models and on the valuation and assessment of ecosystem services in both national and international research projects. Since he joined the Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis group at LIST, Claudio has contributed to the development of methodologies to assess the life cycle environmental impacts of green financial products and to the integration of ecosystem services in life cycle assessment. Finally, Claudio co-designed and co-developed two prototypes of decision support tools, NBenefit$ and Multisilva, to integrate ecosystem services in the planning and design of nature based solutions in both urban and rural contexts.

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